Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Very First Post and Movie Review: Sucker Punch

Movie Review: Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch is mostly spectacle with very little story.  The characters are, at the same time, one-dimensional and colorful.  The plot is edgy and textured, while simultaneously non-sensical.  The one consistency: it's just plain fun to look at.   

First off, I want to begin by saying that some of you will love this movie and some of you will hate it.  Director Zack Snyder isn't known for classical, serious film-making.  Instead, he is know for making rich and vibrant worlds full of blood, action, and dirty eroticism.  You've seen this before in 300 and you see it here again.  If you liked 300, you will probably like Sucker Punch.  If not, well, you can guess.

The movie is successful in several areas.  First, the action sequences are breathtaking.  Snyder really went all out in trying to create fantasy worlds where action and violence occurs at a level impossible in the real world.  These fantasies worlds are quite fascinating; zombie nazis, dragons, and awesome battle scenes pepper these worlds.

The film also succeeds in creating a very textured environment, setting the dark, surrealist tone.  The sepia tones in one universe contrast with the vibrant colors of another universe.  In the most violent fantasies, red and black dominate the screen.  All the while using an innovative soundtrack.

One aspect that won't be talked about with Sucker Punch that needs to be is the soundtrack.  Mostly a series of covers, the songs provide new takes on already existing classics such as The Pixies' "Where is My Mind?" and a mash-up of Queen's "We Will Rock You" with a pounding hip-hop beat.  Interestingly, the star of the film, Emily Browning, sings some of the songs.  Although she is by no means a professional singer, she holds her own and adds a touch of something special to the soundtrack.  

Critics have generally derided this film, and I will as well, for one major reason: the plot simply makes no sense.  Snyder has created a three layered universe where the story lines are intended to correlate.  However, it seems as though Snyder gets lost in his fantasy worlds and failed to make the different layers match up.  This leaves the audience pondering just what exactly happened and why.

All-in-all, this is more or less a "love it or hate it" type of film.  I loved it for the beautiful atmosphere and incredible action sequences.  Nevertheless, I confess that the plot leaves much to be desired.  So, I have to dock a few points.

Rating:  7.5/10


  1. i totally agree with your review.
    watching this movie i tried really hard to find the deeper underlying subtext but to no avail.
    I still think Snyder is talented though....but only visual aspects of films.
    the new Superman is going to look great! i just hope that they don't let him write it.

  2. I didn't like this movie AT ALL!!

  3. oh gosh, i didnt think it was very special at all.

  4. Since its a love or hate it i hated it ;p

  5. I havn't seen it yet but I heard it's like cloverfield with the camera angle.

  6. good review. waiting for more!

  7. Hahaha, a friend and I went to see Black Swan when it was out, and the trailer for this movie showed and we were in tears laughing. We had no idea what the hell was going on in the trailer XD I haven't forgotten it though so I may have to end up seeing it

  8. Excellent review. I may actually go see this now.

  9. Zack Snyder really knows how to make stuff look good, but how was he able to muck up the story so much?

  10. awesome review man! movie def had more potential

  11. I saw that it was directed as the same people as Watchmen, and was ready for a huge letdown. It was better than I thought though, around your 7.5 IMO!